To solve the climate crisis, we have to radically reduce our emissions. But to do it in time, we must remove the excess carbon from the atmosphere too.

Whenever we create CO₂ emissions, we should commit to removing at least an equal amount from the atmosphere. This should be an automatic, natural part of our everyday lives, and for that, we need a system.

This is why Compensate exists.

The Compensate Foundation is a Finnish non-profit organization working to limit the amount of harmful greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Compensate was established in 2019 by Finnish entrepreneur and former member of parliament, Antero Vartia.

The level of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has reached a point where not even radical emission reductions can prevent catastrophic climate change.

We also need to protect our existing carbon sinks that sequester carbon, as well create new ways of removing carbon from the atmosphere.

The Compensate Foundation focuses on advocacy work to improve the integrity of the voluntary carbon market. The voluntary carbon market enables businesses, governments, nonprofit organizations, universities, municipalities, and individuals to offset their emissions or to support projects that prevent emissions or remove carbon from the atmosphere for other reasons.

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Compensate Foundation owns 100% of Compensate Operations Ltd, which offers businesses and individuals easy access to high-quality carbon projects. The work of the Compensate Foundation is fully funded by grants and donations.

Independent Network of Scientific Advisors

Compensate Foundation, the non-profit arm of Compensate, works to improve the integrity of the voluntary carbon market. This work is supported by the Foundation’s Independent Network of Scientific Advisors. The network provides:

  • Assistance in creating and developing open source criteria for high quality carbon projects
  • Guidance in identifying new innovative ways of capturing carbon
  • Cooperation in research and pilot projects that contribute to creating high integrity solutions for the voluntary carbon market

Markku Kulmala
Academician, Professor

Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR)

Faculty of Science
University of Helsinki

Jero Ahola

Department of Electrical Engineering
Lappeenranta-Lahti University of Technology LUT

Eva-Mari Aro
Academician, Professor, Molecular Plant Biology

Faculty of Science and Engineering
University of Turku

Jaana Bäck

Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR)

University of Helsinki

Tommi Ekholm
Research Professor

Finnish Meteorological Institute

Atte Korhola

Ecosystems and Environmental Research

Program Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences

University of Helsinki

Jari Liski
Research Professor

Finnish Meteorological Institute

Anneli Pauli
Professor of Practice (Global Grand Challenges)

Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR)

University of Helsinki

Olli Tahvonen

Department of Forest Sciences

Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

University of Helsinki

Timo Vesala
Academy Professor

Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research (INAR)

Faculty of Science

University of Helsinki

Maritta Koch-Weser
Founder and President of Earth3000

Vice Chair of the WWF Supervisory Board, Germany

President of World Heritage Watch

Ph.D. from the Universities of Bonn and Cologne, Germany, and a Honorary Doctorate from Oxford Brookes University, UK

The Compensate Climate Action app

The Compensate Foundation provides individuals a free of charge app that turns climate anxiety into climate action. With the Compensate Climate Action app, you can understand your personal carbon footprint, take action to reduce your CO₂ emissions, and compensate for the rest. The Compensate Climate Action app is available in most EU countries and the UK.

The Compensate Foundation directs 100% of compensation payments done in the app (after VAT) to a portfolio of the most impactful carbon projects around the world. A special audit is conducted annually to provide transparency that no cuts have been taken from the compensation payments. See latest auditor’s report.

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